Is there demand for more Bootcamp Pilates studios?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, there’s never been a better time to own a Bootcamp Pilates studio, as market figures show.

The UK Health & Fitness Sector is now worth an incredible £4.9 billion pounds, a twenty-fold increase on figures from the 1970s, with no signs of slowing. More than 10 million people, that’s 15% of the total population, are now members of a gym or other fitness facility. More and more people are taking an interest in their physical well-being, which is proving very positive for health and fitness operators as a whole.

Fitness classes, in particular, now represent an important and growing segment in the UK health and fitness market as people move away from gyms to micro boutiques and studios, where consumers are prepared to pay more for higher-quality equipment, facilities and service. Pilates is no exception and is worth an estimated £812m, supporting more than 4,000 business and employing nearly 16,000 people.There is also a significant and growing trend among consumers to shop around for a programme that suits them, and they are willing to pay extra for something that does.

Bootcamp Pilates started with just one small studio and a handful of clients, but was able to turn a significant profit in just 6 months – an incredible result for a small start-up! Many new businesses don’t see any significant returns for at least the first 2 years. With that success under our belt, we were able to open another studio just 18 months later, and 4 more over the next few years, and are now in the wonderful position of be able to share this growth with people like you.

Its good news for franchising right across the sector too, and figures are showing that it is an increasingly effective way to start a new business venture.  According to statistics collated by The Warwick Business School, only 20% of start-ups will survive their first five years, but research conducted for Entrepreneur Europe shows that the failure rate of franchises is just 10% compared to the whopping 80% seen by normal start-ups.     

A Bootcamp Pilates franchise is your opportunity to become part of this success story.