Ongoing Costs

Of course, the majority of what you make as a studio owner stays with you, but there are some ongoing costs associated with being a franchisee that we have summarized below:

Management Service Fee

  • 9% (+ VAT) of gross sales (ex. VAT)
  • This Management Service Fee (MSF) is reduced on a sliding scale as set sales bands are achieved within your financial year.

Band MSF

  • 1.  9% on the first £185K of gross sales
  • 2.  8% on the next £55K of gross sales
  • 3.  7% on any additional gross sales

National Marketing Levy

  • 2% (+ Vat) of gross sales (ex. Vat)

Local Marketing Commitment

  • We ask that you aim for a minimum 7% of gross sales (ex. Vat)

The Franchise Agreement is a 5-year term and is renewable for a further 5 years rolling (no renewal fee).