What We Do

Bootcamp Pilates is a revolutionary fitness programme that has taken the capital by storm. It is aimed at that growing number of people who are concerned about their fitness, but are put off by big gym environments, or struggle to fit a quality and effective workout into their busy schedules. We focus on busy, active, professional people with tight schedules offering them an effective and pleasurable means of keeping fit.

Our classes are highly energetic, inventive and dynamic and keep all our clients deeply engaged and committed. Results are rapid and tangible, with marked improvements in flexibility, muscle tone, core strength and overall fitness. Customers return to us time and time again and get hooked on our secret recipe.

How we do it

Our programme is a more sophisticated and refined version of traditional Pilates exercises that combines a number of different elements into an intensive, “hardcore” workout that helps our clients get fit fast.

Our revolutionary method combines three key components into one-hour long session:

First used by Joseph Pilates in his treatment of injured soldiers, Reformer Machines have evolved into state-of-the-art exercise equipment with sophisticated systems of springs, straps and pulleys that can aid in several hundred different forms of exercise. They help an individual to establish torso stability and postural alignment, whilst simultaneously working all the body’s muscles.

Expertly designed and totally safe, our Reformer machines provide a highly effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout. The Reformers are kind to your skeleton and joints and help lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

The rest of the dynamic workout is very invigorating and engaging, and no two sessions are the same. The process is constantly evolving to meet the needs of every one of our clients, and we ensure variety to keep every session both challenging and entertaining. We also encourage all of our trainers to draw on their own backgrounds and expertise to provide a well-rounded workout, every time.

Our trainers are some of the most talented in the industry. Before working with our clients, trainers must go through a rigorous six-week training programme at The Bootcamp University, which has been refined and perfected over our ten-year history and, of which, we are justifiably very proud.