Our Story

Bootcamp Pilates is a revolutionary fitness programme that is unlike any other. Though it is based on the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, it is also draws on a number of fitness disciplines to deliver a unique and intensive workout that delivers clear results, while still remaining engaging and entertaining.

The Bootcamp Pilates method was first developed as System Dynamique in California in 2001, taking the traditional exercises and forging them into something new and exciting. It started small, running out of a home studio in Los Angeles with just a few clients, but rapidly grew into a very successful and established training programme and attracted a number of high-profile, A-list clients.

It was here that the programme came to the attention of our founder, Dominique Day, who sensed it was a unique business opportunity for the UK market. When she returned to London, she found there was simply nothing over here that compared to the dynamic workout she had seen, and the way it motivated and empowered its trainees, so set up her own studio in the capital. It was an immediate hit, bringing in clients from all walks of life, from fitness fanatics, off-duty mums and desk-bound workaholics, to big name celebrities such as Annie Lennox, Emma Watson and Abby Clancy. It has also drawn a great deal of press interest, with journalists flocking to the studio from all over to see what the big fuss is all about!

Within six months, the business was turning a profit, and was soon able to open a number of studios across London. Bootcamp Pilates has transformed lives, not just for its founder and trainers, who have turned their passion into a successful business, but also for their clients and the communities they live in.

No-one ever gets bored on our programme! No two sessions are exactly the same, as the programme is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its participants. It is particularly appealing to people who are put off by the big gym environments, have trouble remaining motivated, or need to fit an intensive workout into their busy schedules.

It is the perfect way for you to deliver high-end training that is accessible to everyone.