Who are our clients?

Our programme is open to everyone, whatever their age, gender, body type or ability. It has attracted customers from all walks of life, from dedicated fitness freaks and off-duty mums, to desk-bound workaholics, pensioners and party girls.
We have focused mainly on busy, active people with tight schedules offering them an effective and pleasurable means of keeping fit in their daily routine, but word of our exceptional programme has spread to every level of society and our client base is now a wonderfully diverse community in its own right. We have even attracted a number of celebrity followers!

Many of our initial customers came from the local community around our first studio, and were very social media-savvy city professionals. As they began to share their success stories online, Bootcamp Pilates began to gain new customers, attracted by the long-lasting, productive and positive relationships we had built with their friends and family.

It wasn’t long before we attracted press attention too, and Bootcamp Pilates grew into the trusted, recognised brand that it is today.

Why do our clients choose us?

In a climate where people are increasingly concerned about their personal fitness, we offer an alternative workout for those wishing to avoid the gym and yet wanting to function at the top of their game.

It is high-end training that is accessible to everyone, and customers can start to see the results right away. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our trainers are some of most talented in the industry.

Most importantly, our sessions are fun. They are entertaining and engaging, and no two sessions are exactly the same. They keep our clients challenged and motivated, and coming back for more, time and again.

Who is our competition?

Pilates training is a big industry in the UK, and getting bigger all the time. Classes are available in studios, gyms and leisure centres all around the country.

But no-one does what we do, or as well as we do it. Bootcamp Pilates is unique, and there is simply nothing else in the UK that comes close to the revolutionary programme and professional, high-end service that we offer.